8 Alpine Peaks

For a short time this route can be seen on Relive https://www.relive.cc/view/1186831949

Okay so my title is a bit misleading; this is not a classic Alpine climb but a pleasant ridge on the Ebnit side of Hoher Freschen with many minor peaks that I ran this weekend. If you are looking for a long linear route with great views of the Bregenzerwald then this is a great day out. To get to Ebnit I recommend taking the bus from Dornbirn Bahnhof (number 47); the bus takes you on a narrow mountain route with views of breathtaking gorges, passing under rock overhangs and  through narrow tunnels cut into the cliffs.

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The route starts in Ebnit and heads straight up Sattelspitze, then on to Alpkopf, Salzbödenkopf, Mörzelspitze, Leuenkopf, Goselarkopf, Guntenkopf, and finally Hangköpfle. From Hangköpfle it is a short way to Hangspitze but I didn’t do that this weekend as I was feeling wiped.

The start of this route is a direct 7km climb with about 900m of ascent through some very tough forest on some very narrow paths. When I did it it was very boggy and route finding would have been impossible without having the route pre-plotted on GPS due to how many little paths there are in the woods. Once you get to Sattelspitze however the terrain starts to ease up once you are on the ridge.

There are a few exposed bits and for some fairly large sections you won’t be able to run as they are narrow and a fall would be pretty bad, but the views are spectacular and the ridge itself is very easy going with little ascent and descent.

Getting off of the ridge is a bit hairy; there is a safety line down the worst piece of path but it’s a climbing rope and the end of it is just loose and knotted, which you will need to use for a 2-3m “abseil”.

Once you are down to the main path the route back to Dornbirn is a clearly marked cycle path.

The route can be found here: https://www.strava.com/routes/10623608 the distance given is slightly off as on the day the route was over 30km and about 100m extra ascent (based on a sports watch with GPS and altimeter).

My original activity can be found here: https://www.strava.com/activities/1186831949